The Business of Forestry 2014 South America


The Business of Forestry event is the first of its kind to bring together industry leaders to share their knowledge, ideas and best practices with the global forest community, along with their real life experiences, successes and failures.

CMPC (Compañía Manufacturra de Papeles y Cartones)
Mr. Walter Lidio Nunes, President
Empresas CMPC CMPC is the largest Chilean pulp and paper company, being one of the biggest in Latin America. It is engaged in integrated forest industry, which operates as a holding company through five business centers: Forestry, Pulp, Paper, Tissue and Paper Products. The company has operations in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Uruguay.

Hancock Timber Resource Group, USA– How Technology Can Mitigate Risk.
Brent J. Keefer, Director, Resource Planning & Investment Strategy
Hancock Timber Resource Group Hancock Timber Resource Group (HTRG)is based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. They are the world's largest timberland investment manager for institutional investors. They develop and manage globally diversified timberland portfolios for public and corporate pension plans, high net-worth individuals, and foundations and endowments. As of March 2013, assets under management totaled $11.5 billion. These assets are located in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil.

Eldorado's Business of Forestry
Carlos Justo, Gerente de Plan. e Controle Florestal (Forest Planning & Control Manager)
Eldorado Brazil Eldorado Brasil is the biggest and most modern pulp mill in the world, and is competitive with its new business model based on highly productive forests and innovative logistics. It is a Brazilian company with global operations, producing high quality Brazilian pulp for everyone. Its mill and plantation areas are in Mato Grosso do Sul state, Brazil, and it has the capacity to produce 1.5 million tons of pulp a year. It is a company that is building new ways to create value, based on its pillars of competitiveness, innovation, sustainability and respect for people.

Weyerhaeuser Solutions
Marcelo S Ambrogi - Director Forest Operations
Weyerhaeuser Solutions At Weyerhaeuser Solutions, our consulting experts work with energy, mining, forestry and manufacturing industries. We help reduce their carbon footprints, source bio-energy feedstocks and manage landscapes for water supply and quality. Our innovative solutions and global scale can help transform complex challenges into economic opportunities.

Can it reinvent the forest products industry?

Fernando Bertolucci, Forest Planning
Fibria We are a Brazilian company with a strong presence in the global forest products market. We invest in the cultivation of forests as a renewable and sustainable source of life, generating wealth and economic growth, promoting human social development and ensuring the conservation of the environment. We are proud of our roots and of our fundamentals - technological excellence, leadership and a commitment to the future and to the vitality of this earth of ours.

Mondi Forests, South Africa Division - How forestry in Brazil
influences Mondi South Africa’s future

Russell Morkel, Technical Manager
Mondi Forests South Africa is home to the Mondi Ltd Limited headquarters. It is the major employer, landowner and producer with a paper mill in Durban and a pulp and linerboard mill in Richards Bay. They also own and manage more than 307,000 hectares of forestry plantations. They directly employ more than 1,900 people; and have a significant contractor base of around 15,000 people.

Mondi owns and manages one of the largest Forestry Stewardship FSC™-certified plantation units in the world. Several non-afforested areas are managed for biodiversity and forest protection. These include important wetlands, grassland and indigenous forest ecosystems.
Innovatech - Productivity: The Difference Between Seeing and Doing
João Comério, CEO
Innovatech Innovatech is a forestry business development, integration and management company, based on the main pillars of INNOVATION and TECHNOLOGY, composed f professionals coming from forestry base multinational companies, such as: Champion, Amcel, International Paper, Suzano and Arborgen. At these companies, InnovaTech professionals worked in operations, management, leadership and forestry business management positions in the past two decades.

Stora Enso & LMH Recursos Naturais
New Forestland Owners and Changes in Technology and Service Needs

João Fernando Borges, President
StoraEnso Stora Enso is the global rethinker of the paper, biomaterials, wood products and packaging industry. We always rethink the old and expand to the new to offer our customers innovative solutions based on renewable materials. Stora Enso employs some 28 000 people worldwide, and our sales in 2012 amounted to EUR 10.8 billion.

Atrium Forest Consulting
Lessons learned extract from 26 Country Reports of FORSYS project participants.

Silvana Nobre, President
Atrium Forest Consulting Forest Management Decision Support Systems (FORSYS), funded by COST a European research agency, which brought together more than 100 researchers from 26 countries of the European and American continents. Between 2010 and 2013, FORSYS mapped and analyzed the use of decision support systems in forest planning. The group of researchers published guidelines for DSS – Decision Support Systems; reports on use of DSS from participants countries, case studies and lessons learned from the community of practice. Articles and reports covered, in general, four perspectives of the subject: (i) design and architecture of DSS, (ii) mathematical models and methods used, (ii) interaction with management tools knowledge, (iv) participatory planning.

Remsoft - Operations Research
Doug Jones, Vice President, Forestry
Remsoft Remsoft is the global standard for optimization technology and services in the Natural Resource industry. With hundreds of clients on six continents and 20+ years of R&D, Remsoft has a deep understanding of today’s planning challenges and how they can be addressed.

Remsoft clients can easily balance economic, environmental, sustainable and social priorities to make informed and transparent decisions at the strategic, tactical and operational level.

UFSCAR - New methods for forest inventory. How to Operationalize it?
Prof. Cláudio Roberto Thiersch - Professor e Engenheiro
UFSCAR Founded in 1968, the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), the only federal institution of higher education located in the State of São Paulo, stands out for its high level of qualifications of its faculty: 98.92% are doctors or teachers with masters. Teachers develop mostly teaching, research and extension in exclusive dedication activities.

Cenibra - Structuring Process in SAP Platform
Ronaldo Neves Ribeiro
Manager Information & Communications Technology Pulp Nipo Brasileira S/A
Cenibra Cenibra is located in the state of Minas Gerais and acknowledges quality, environment, safety, occupational health, ethics and social responsibility as the basis of its activities related to forest planting and wood & pulp production.

Cenibra runs its operations in 54 counties, where it implements a number of social and environmental projects with an aim to foster the region’s development.
AMATA - The Forestry Challenge is Continous
Matheus Zonete, Manager Planning & Technology
AMATA AMATA operates as a forestry company in Brazil. It provides certified wood for furniture markets. The company also offers environmental services, including forest management, native and exotic species plantations, social management system, and certification management services. The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.